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Choosing a photo on Tinder is a piece of cake for you, but writing a description is worse than a high school essay? We have proven ways for you to win more pairs!

If you knew how many people leave a blank description on Tinder, you'd be surprised. Interestingly, later the same people complain that they can't find anyone on the dating apps. I wonder why 😉

Remember: a good description on the Tinder app can make a HUGE difference and result in more interesting, better pairs.

The problem is that everything you've read about the Tinder descriptions on the internet so far is damaging stupid stuff. Better erase them from your memory.

Time to crack down on a few myths, review the best and worst descriptions, and finally give you some golden advice to rule Tinder!

The description on Tinder can guarantee 402% more matches!
Imagine you are a regular LOTTO player. Would you like to increase your chance of winning by up to 1% for free? Sure!

It is the same with the description. Tinder is a place where those who stand out will win the match. On the other hand, a good description is one of the most powerful tools that make your profile stand out from the crowd. And that means more matcha!

Do you know how much your chance of winning increases if you use the description? According to a scientific article about Tinder by scientists at Cornell University, male profiles with supplemented bio had more pairs by ... over 400%!

Think for yourself: How many times have you rejected someone because they didn't have a description? Or worse, was the description boring, weak and just plain hopeless?

text from Tinder with no pairs
What to do to avoid this from happening on Tinder?
What can a good description on Tinder give you? In addition to the aforementioned better distinction of the profile in the application, you can count on:

Matches with people with similar interests;
Better sexual fit;
Fulfilling your sexual needs;
Pairing with people who are serious about finding a partner on Tinder.
Is it worth it? Of course you are! However, do you want your Tinder description to be good and unique? It's easier than you think, see for yourself!

a sample description from the tinder portal
Make your description more interesting
The most important rules for creating a description on Tinder
Don't expect us to give you a proven formula that will work like a magician's magic spell.

It's Tinder, there's no magic here.

Which doesn't mean there aren't a few guidelines following which will help you write a good profile description on this dating app.

Wondering what the ideal text length is in a Tinder bio? First of all, it cannot exceed 500 characters, including spaces. That's roughly twice the size of this paragraph. Quite a lot what?

How much should your description have? Given that nearly 25% of profiles have no description and only 15% of profiles have more than 30 words, you should aim for at least those 30 words about yourself.



Therefore, when writing a description on Tinder, you should focus on two things:

First, mark in points the most important things that you want to convey, so as not to forget about them.
Then start describing them, but don't lose the main story. You will write in private messages. Bio on Tinder has to be concrete.
What else? Avoid emoticon spam and boring long blocks of text. Make sure that your text is not only interesting to read, but also attractive. A bio written according to these rules will help you get more pairs.

Take a look: Which text do you think more people will read?

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